Wear your Style

Bryanston Jewellers, located at Shop U26, Nicolway Bryanston, corner of William Nicol and Wedgewood Link, is a designer, manufacturer and importer of exclusive platinum, gold and diamond jewellery. Since opening in 1961, Bryanston Jewellers has always prided itself on not only sourcing and stocking the finest watches and jewellery, but also on offering unmatched customer service.

Bryanston Jewellers has a wide range of jewellery offerings, from all types and grades of gold, platinum and diamonds to luxury imported Swiss manufactured watches. Situated in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, and conveniently located in close proximity (5km radius) to Sandton City Shopping Centre, Ferrari South Africa and the largest stock exchange in Africa, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Bryanston Jewellers is an exclusive independent retailer with vast experience in the industry. The knowledge of the industry has been acquired through various channels most noticeably through generational experience by his family as they have traded in the jewellery industry from the 1960’s.

Our accolades includes, but not limited to, distinctions in diamond grading courses from Gem Education Centre , distinctions in jewellery design courses, and various courses attended through famous, well established watch brands such as Breitling, Tag Heuer, Mont Blanc, Longines, Herbelin,Tissot to name a few.

Bryanston Jewellers are stockists of all kinds of gold, platinum and titanium jewellery. Our products include rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. We also offer custom designed jewellery on demand through our in-house jewellery designer. We have jewellery to match any occasion including bridal jewellery, anniversary gifts, valentines gifts and any other special occasion.

Coupled with our sale of jewellery, we also sell diamonds, gold coins, corporate gifts such as Mont Blanc premium writing instruments & wallets, charms and nomination bracelets.

Our in-house goldsmith, together with our elite jewellery designer, will indulge your senses and design sets of jewellery as never seen before.

Our store has been in operation in the northernsuburb of Johannesburg since 1996. Our name has been established in this area through word of mouth and excellent customer service. We have cdptured a fair segment of this market through advertisements on billboards in prime locations, advertisements in magazines such as BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari and Diners Club.

Our competitive prices and excellent customer service are also pivotal in allowing us to attract clients time and time again. Generally, we thrive and base our success on excellent product knowledge and superb customer service.

Mr Ravat further attends workshops and conventions overseas in Switzerland , Hong Kong in order to further gain insight into the latest products on offer. This insight and knowledge of the products on offer is hereby imparted to his staff members upon returning to South Africa.

Training of staff members is therefore not only externally, but also internally.

The main strength of Bryanston Jewellers lies in the experience the owner has accumulated over the years and the customer relationships built within the jewellery industry.

By negotiating better pricing with suppliers, being the sole agents for specific brands, and the Owners vast experience and longevity in the jewellery market and superior customer service and excellence, we at Bryanston Jewellers can extend this same service to your loyal customer base as well.